JB Riney is a civil engineering and highway contracting business operating in London and the south east.

We are exceptionally well-resourced organisation, currently managing several London local authority contracts.

We operate a wide range range of highways, road contracting and civil engineering services. Our operational approach to highways services and civil engineering programmes is to be forward looking and focused on continuous improvement which utilises the use of new engineering techniques and specialist materials, whilst promoting the use of traditional skills and values.


Civil Engineering and Improvement Schemes

Term Maintenance

Street Lighting

Sign Manufacture

Safety Inspections

Design and consulting

Utilities Infrastructure

Winter Maintenance

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Our leading services provision across London and the south east includes:

  • Civil engineering
  • Improvement schemes
  • Road resurfacing
  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • Utilities infrastructure
  • Traffic sign manufacture
  • Highways term maintenance
  • Winter maintenance

We are a trusted partner to many local authorities and councils in the London area and provide award winning highway services and civil engineering programmes.

Our reputation is built on good understanding of our clients’ needs, local environments and a focus that means we aim always to do the right thing.

We are an equal opportunities employer with a diverse and local workforce and always consider environmental management across all the highways and civil services we offer. Our processes are delivered so that we review all projects against reduce, reuse and recycle operations.